Sunday, May 17, 2009

Operation Rolling Thunder (ORT) Phase I Update:

  • We’ve now had seven days of continual 24hr prayer over Pasadena!
  • We are very exited that 22 (now 23) congregations and ministries are each taking 24hr of prayer May 8 to May 30!!
  • The May 31 Pasadena Global Day of Prayer at the Rose Bowl, Sunday 6-9pm will be a historic occasion – 219 nations praying on the same day!! The largest prayer gathering in the history of humanity!!

A part of the reason the Lord has orchestrated Operation Rolling Thunder is because of the biblical principle of mass. Mass defines the power that can be projected through agreement in prayer. Corporate Prayer events like the Pasadena Global Day of Prayer on May 31st also help enormously to develop a culture of prayer and the prayer momentum already gained in the city. From my experience prayer is more caught than taught.

Recent Testimony – Kansas began Operating Rolling Thunder on April 6th and reported that ever since they established that canopy of prayer over their city no homicides were reported. Prior to that they had averaged 3 per month.

Looking Ahead – Phase II of Operation Rolling Thunder is moving toward 365 days of continual prayer over the city – It is possible to see continual 24hrs of prayer all year round in Pasadena!!


The update above was abstracted from a letter from Michael Spence of "Love Pasadena," the coordinating body for ORT 2009 in Pasadena.

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